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ATC's to trade
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Japanese Luxury Candy
It really looked like this, bright colours etc.
Sushi Lunch Box
Design from NOA Magazine
Design David Petty

Traditional Quilt pattern

Composition in Grey, Yellow and Black
After Oil painting by Piet Mondriaan
Made from traditional flowers

Circle of life

- white = birth
- pink  = (innocent) childhood
- purple = (dark) puberty
- blue = (free) teenage years
- green = student years
- yellow = career building
- orange = (active) working years
- red = (early) pension
- brown = growing old
- black = death
- grey = reincarnation

Circle of Life
Unit by Mette Pederson

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Design Issei Yoshino

Design Hiroshi Kumasaka
Design Akira Kawamura
Teabag Box
Design Zsuzsanna Takacs
Starflower Kusudama
from 35 kite bases